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The Edinburgh Journal of Gadda Studies was founded and devised by Federica Pedriali in April 2000 following discussions with Robert Dombroski and Emilio Manzotti, whose warm encouragement was instrumental in getting the initiative off the ground.

Thanks to the support of Professor Jon Usher, the University of Edinburgh provided hosting facilities for the site, and in September 2000 EGJS was officially launched with its inaugural journal issue.

The founding aim of EJGS was to provide a lively forum for scholarly debate in the form of a fully refereed yearly electronic publication, in parallel with the development of a resource centre that would offer the most complete online reference source on Gadda available worldwide. This was to be implemented via a medium of great visual flair and open-ended structure, mirroring the deep unconventionality of its subject.

In the opinion of many, this has already been achieved – and not just in the field of Gadda studies. The steadily flattering level of visitors (1,443,562 hits between January 2001 and Juy 2005) is testimony to the growing success of our enterprise, authoritatively defined as «certamente un modello per iniziative analoghe» (Luigi Reale, Italianistica OnLine).

Confirming its rapid establishment as one of the focal points of Gadda studies, in April 2003 EJGS organised a major international conference in honour of and in the presence of Gian Carlo Roscioni. In line with its innovative drive to give literature a virtual dimension, EJGS launched a uniquely agile work of reference as a supplement to the third issue, the Pocket Gadda Encyclopedia, hailed as «lo strumento di consultazione piĆ¹ articolato nel panorama degli studi gaddiani» (M. Santi, Studi Novecenteschi 30, no. 65, gennaio-giugno 2003: 192-201).

To date, the list of contributors to EJGS (in respect of original works published here for the first time) includes 83 scholars.

For more information on EJGS, its history, current projects and plans for future developments, here is the text of the presentation made at the 2003 Edinburgh conference and later updated to the 2004 edition. To read what others have written about us click here.

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