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Gadda’s war diary (now in SGF II) was first published in volume in 1955, then in 1965 (with Gadda’s war sketches, but heavily censored by the author).

A further notebook and Gadda’s 1919 military report of his capture have been published (Gadda 1991a; Ungarelli 1994a).

Gadda’s war narratives became part of his first two narrative volumes, La Madonna dei Filosofi (1931) and Il castello di Udine (1934).

From those volumes see: Manovre di artiglieria da campagna (RR I 21-34); Elogio di alcuni valentuomini, Impossibilità di un diario di guerra, Dal Castello di Udine verso i monti (RR I 127-55), Compagni di prigionia, Imagine di Calvi (RR I 156-78).

For memories of the Great War in the later years see Gadda 1993b: 175-80 & Monicelli’s La grande guerra (1959).

For an ironic self-portrayal as a retired yet still at war captain see Le bizze del capitano in congedo (RR II 967-78).

For further critical readings see Mileschi 2003; Terzoli 2003; Pecoraro 1998; Gorni 1995: 149-75; Papponetti 1994c: 93-106; Mauro 1988: 29-42.

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